Spotlight Author Christa Nardi and the Cold Creek Mysteries Series

As a member of the Rave Reviews Book Club,  I have the honor of hosting the Spotlight Author’s blog post from time to time. Today I present a post by Christa Nardi. If you love murder mysteries as I do, follow the links below to Christa’s books. Then snuggle up with your favorite hot beverage and one of Christa’s books. You can support Christa on Facebook and Twitter or visit her blog through the links at the end. Below is a preview of what you’ll find in Christa’s books.


Christa Nardi

 Author Photo Christa

The Characters of the Cold Creek Mysteries Series:

Interview with Max Bentley


Thank you for joining us today Max – I mean Mr. Bentley.

It’s Dr. Bentley.

 My apologies Dr. Bentley. We wanted to talk today about the recent murders here at Cold Creek College.

I hope this isn’t going to take very long. My research is important and takes up much of my time. That State Detective – McMann – he took up a lot of my time. He had no right interrupting my meeting with my students.

 What are your thoughts on the murders, Dr. Bentley?

Murders are not good for the prestige of this college. Especially when a faculty member is the victim and the rumors about him. Did you know that he was married four times and dating multiple women? That is not how to raise money for the college. Research brings in money. It is what’s important and will improve the prestige of the college.

What do you research, Dr. Bentley?

I work with mice and rats in my laboratory. Along with my students, I study learning and social behavior. This is critical research and I’m sure I will get a grant some day and be able to – now don’t quote me on this – get to a bigger better university where they appreciate my research. I’ll receive many awards.  Are we almost done? My research you know…

 Do you think there is enough security and support for students, staff and faculty?

My lab is secure, locked all the time. I need to take care of the mice and rats in order to keep the lab you know. All of that is regulated you know. I’m very careful. I only let the best students, like Wesley, work in my lab.

Just one more question, Dr. Bentley. What is your involvement in the crisis plan for the campus?

Crisis is what Sheridan does along with Kim and Mitch. Only Sheridan tells Detective McMann what she thinks and then he comes and bothers me. This is all bad publicity for the college. I don’t know about the interim Chancellor but I hope the new Chancellor knows something about education and research. Someone needs to appreciate that faculty should not be hampered by students. [stands up and walks off]

 Thank you, Dr. Bentley.


 From Chapter 1

I nodded and then checked the next open door. Unfortunately, it was Max’s office. I knocked. He swiveled around, his black hair somewhat uncontrolled and in need of a cut. I must have startled him. His brown eyes opened wide.

“Sheridan, you wouldn’t believe. I‘m ready to get this experiment going, and somehow the materials I ordered haven’t come in. Terra told me I didn’t have enough money in my account, and that’s not right! I don’t know what her problem is,” was his opening tirade. Max was the other experimental psychologist in the department.  He was by far the one most interested in research .

“Yeah, well, Terra and Ali do the books. They would know. Maybe you didn’t figure right what you had in your lab account. I bet they can give you a full accounting,” I suggested. Max tended to have these tantrums a lot. He was relatively young and had come to Cold Creek straight from graduation the year after me. He had big dreams of doing enough research to get to a better university.

“You doing okay otherwise – you know with the rec center and all,” I asked.

“Oh, I gave up on the rec center last year. Too crowded. I joined a private club where I don’t have to deal with the students. At the rec center, they always tried to talk to me. Are you looking for a place to work out?” he asked, oblivious to the excitement on campus. But that was not unusual for Max. Unless it was going to directly affect him, he didn’t seem to know about it. Now, if he had wanted to work out today, he might have been more interested.

“Uh, Max, someone died at the rec center this morning,” I offered as gently as I could.

Jumping out of his seat, he proclaimed, “I knew it, I knew there were safety problems. I knew those students would wreck something! See what I mean?”

“Max, someone was murdered. It wasn’t an accident,” I added. I wondered at the fact that he hadn’t asked the obvious question of who? It was certainly the question I wanted answered.

“Oh. Well, it better not get in the way of my lab work. I’d love to chat with you Sheridan, but I have work to do,” he responded. With that, he sat back down and turned back to his computer. Good thing or he would have seen me shake my head in disbelief. It was also probably a good thing that he did research with rats or mice, examining their use of cues, learning, and such. He sure didn’t seem interested in people and didn’t always pick up on social cues. I made my way back to my office with a wave at Kim. I also quickly let her know that it wasn’t Jim, Doug or Max who was murdered.

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  1. Rebecca Reilly (@RebeccaReillyL) says :

    Christa, I’ve loved following your blogs as the RRBC Spotlight Author! I’m looking forward to all three of your books! Good Luck!
    Thank you, Jennie, for hosting!

  2. Bette A. Stevens says :

    Another great character interview!

  3. Christa Nardi says :

    Thank you Jennie for hosting today!!! Support is much appreciated!

  4. rebeccacarteremona says :

    That Dr. Bentley certainly has thoughts only for his research and advancement. Nice character description. 🙂

  5. jinlobify says :

    I hope Christa that your tour was rewarding. I have a copy of your book on my Kindle, and I will get to it. Thank you Jennie for hosting.

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