“Paying It Forward” to Author Suzanne McKenna Link

As a member of the Rave Reviews Book Club, I participate in a wonderful program called the Bethany Turner “Pay It Forward” week. Suggested by Bethany Turner’s generous support of her fellow authors and envisioned into a recurring program by the founder of RRBC, Nonnie Jules, this unselfish promotion of fellow authors is available to members of RRBC. It allows us to support other author members and to “pay forward” in a way that we know enriches us as human beings. How many of us get the chance to support others in a meaningful way on a regular basis?

Today, I “Pay It Forward” to Suzanne McKenna Link, RRBC member and author of Saving Toby, winner of the 2014 Romance Award from Double Decker Books. Let’s support Suzanne on Twitter (@SuzMckLink), Facebook, Goodreads, and of course on Amazon, where you can purchase her book. Looking for a good summer read? Here it is! And here is Suzanne in her own words.

 Author Suzanne McKenna Link

Author Suzanne McKenna Link

I grew up in Bayport, New York, a tiny suburban town on the South Shore of Long Island somewhere between the Big Apple and the trendy Hamptons. The youngest of four siblings, I was very much a latchkey kid with lots of unsupervised time. I was a pretty good kid. (just ask my mother!) Alright, I wasn’t always so well-behaved, but I was a fairly quiet teenager who spent a lot of time writing letters, journals, short stories and poems.  Aside from writing, I enjoyed an assortment of artistic outlets. Photography and drawing, along with the written word, gave me a way to express myself. In school and at home, I developed a love for words and was often acknowledged for my writing ability. Rewarded with the desired laughter for the satirical humor of my short stories, and further inspired by good grades in writing classes, my passion for writing grew. I studied writing at community college (my first college experience), as an undeclared major.

I fell in love, married my soul mate and began a family. With the demands of a young family, I put aside my career pursuits and plowed through a plethora of interesting part time jobs and community volunteer positions. When my kids were school aged, I went back to school to pursue a career in graphic design (my second college experience). Just before I graduated with my second college degree, this one in graphic design (with honors *brag brag*), I landed a job with a small, family newspaper that strictly covers events in the local area. It’s an old fashioned, unassuming office that puts out three, weekly newspapers. Laying out the paper appeases my visual, creative side, and I simply love it. And what’s more, I adore all my wacky, diverse co-workers. Deadlines are inherently stressful, but I find myself laughing all the time, and it was at this job that I rediscovered my love of writing.  The two women editors of these newspapers are great advocates for new and undiscovered talent. Several years ago, I inquired about writing, and they put me to work. It was with their encouragement that I dove in and published my first pieces of writing. I learned a lot, and my writing grew stronger. In addition to my work in the production department, I continue to do freelance articles and photography work for them.  It took me several years to piece together my first full-length book, but now I have the full “novel-writing experience” under my belt – I personally handled the details of writing, publishing and promoting my work. And despite, the bad lighting, long hours and extremely poor pay, I am totally head-over-heels in love with the whole process. I enjoy hobnobbing with my new writer friends online and debating with them over writing styles and strategies. And while I can’t quit my day job, I not only dream of future writing successes, I expect them. I believe I am exactly where I need to be right now, and it’s a good good place to be.

Saving Toby FINALebookweb150[1]

TITLE: Saving Toby
AUTHOR: Suzanne McKenna Link
(6X9 Paperback)
ISBN-13: 978-1432799854 
PAGES: 350
eBook ASIN: B00EV6K2AC
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1gtAXzv
Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/1fJhjxG
Smashwords: http://bit.ly/1en3W6o


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4 responses to ““Paying It Forward” to Author Suzanne McKenna Link”

  1. jinlobify says :

    Hi Suzanne, I hope you are having a nice day as you enjoy your “PIF” tour. Congrats and have fun. Thank you Jennie for profiling her.

  2. Lorraine Pestell says :

    Great to read about Suzanne. “Saving Toby” is a great read! What happens next? 🙂

  3. Suzanne Link says :

    Thanks for hosting me this month, Jennie!

  4. lizgavin says :

    One of the perks of RRBC’s PIF Week is getting to know our fellow members better. Thanks for this great post today. Suzanne is surely a highly interesting author! 😀

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