Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Author: Elizabeth Love, Author of Call of the Goddess

It give me great pleasure to host Spotlight Author Elizabeth Love, fellow member of the Rave Reviews Book Club and author of Call of the Goddess. Let’s give her our love and support on Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon. See her links below. If you don’t know RRBC, why not go to the Rave Reviews Book Club website to check out the benefits of membership. Tell them Elizabeth Love sent you! Here is Elizabeth in her own words.


Hello! I’m happy to be here today with my RRBC friends and supporters. If you haven’t heard of Rave Reviews Book Club, be sure to check it out. Find a great book to read or join and enjoy the support of fellow indie authors making their way through this big wide world of writing and publishing.

Continuing Education

It’s my belief that writers are naturally curious people. We love to learn about anything and everything. Personally, I love learning about a variety of subjects, especially in science and literature. We are inclined to read and research information that interests us, especially if we need it for our next novel.

Have you given much thought to learning more?

Last winter I found MOOCs. For those of you unfamiliar with MOOCs (I know I wasn’t), these are Massive Open On-Line Courses offered through universities, colleges, and even museums from around the world. Many MOOCs are free and open to the public and offer folks the opportunity to learn a variety of subjects from reputable professors and instructors. There are also specific courses designed to be used as continuing education for licenses and certificates, for a small fee. The choice of courses is almost limitless, and that’s just on one site I’ve used called Coursera.org. Arts, engineering, mathematics, and astronomy are just a few of the options.

Because these courses are open around the world, there is an opportunity to connect with hundreds of individuals with varying backgrounds and cultures, adding another dimension to the learning possibilities. Forums are a large part of each course, where you can ask questions and start a discussion. It’s easy to find like-minded individuals and share meaningful tidbits.

The courses vary in length from a few weeks to a few months. The course work often includes video lectures, some reading material, and quizzes. Certain courses also require short essays or submitting photos of projects that are evaluated by random peers in the course according to the course rubric.

I am salivating over the information possibilities. So far this year, I’ve completed courses on evolution, the origins of the solar system, paleontology, writing, and politics. Unfortunately, I failed miserably at astronomy, but I gave it my best shot. The beauty of these courses revolves around the ability to fail at the course but not lose anything in the trying. At this moment, I’m enrolled in Australian Literature and Everyday Creativity.

If you have a little extra time (sorry for that joke – extra time is a fallacy), search for MOOCs on your favorite search engine and see if anything strikes your fancy. You might be inspired for your next great novel.

~Elizabeth N. Love

Call of the Goddess

Call of the Goddess by Elizabeth N. Love

Amazon Link: http://goo.gl/8pPUmR

About the Book:

On the faraway planet of Bona Dea, in a society forged by ancient settlers, trouble is brewing. Young psychic Axandra, never comfortable with her gift, is being forced to use it for the benefit of her people as ruling matriarch of the entire world and host to a powerful entity known only as the Goddess. Struggling with her fate, used as a pawn between warring factions, life for Axandra is almost too much to bear. Even the ministrations of her beloved companion, Quinn, may not prove powerful enough to overcome the stress threatening to destroy Axandra’s fragile soul.

About the Author:

Elizabeth N. Love is a native of Kansas who grew up on the prairie in rural small towns. From a very young age she enjoyed creating stories and poems and practices daily in the art of wordsmithing. She also enjoys other forms of art, such as drawing and making music. She is currently finishing Book Two in this series, as well as working on a paranormal romance, a non-fiction narrative, and a new sci-fi novel based on an alternate past. She lives near Kansas City with her family.

Connect with Elizabeth!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Elizabeth-N-Love-Author/586497788065264

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bee_writerbee

Amazon Author: www.amazon.com/Elizabeth-N.-Love/e/B00JRM567O

Blog: http://writerbeeblog.wordpress.com/

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/beelove

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3 responses to “Rave Reviews Book Club Spotlight Author: Elizabeth Love, Author of Call of the Goddess”

  1. Michelle Abbott says :

    I’ve never heard of MOOC’s. I love to learn new things so I’ll be doing a search later today! Thanks for hosting today, Jennie.

    • writerbeelove says :

      Have fun searching, Michelle! I’ve just finished Australian Lit, where we examined convict literature, themes of place, and historical fiction about some of the many missing explorers lost in the Center. Now I’m enrolled in Plagues, Witches and War: The Worlds of Historical Fiction.

      Thanks for hosting, Jennie! I appreciate your support and letting me take up space here.

      Have a stellar day, everyone.

    • jsherwin2013 says :

      Thanks for stopping by to support the RRBC Spotlight Author, Michelle. I’ve read about the MOOCs and have been very curious. Thanks for informing us, Elizabeth.

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